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The main bearing on the computer tomography machine is one of the elements responsible for ensuring that precise images are delivered. It must run quietly and with low vibrations, even at high speeds. It is necessary to guarantee exact radial and axial run-out.


A customized, patented Franke Flüsterlager® with elastomer.
Besides excellent running, the Franke CT bearings also come with ideal rotational resistance. The radial and axial run-out is just a few hundredth millimeters, depending on the engineering and diameter. All Franke CT bearings can be calibrated to suit customer specifications. The inner elasticity keeps the bearing outstandingly robust, even when exposed to the toughest conditions of use.


Extremely smooth running at up to 300 rpm. The elastomer suppresses the noise generation (60dBA). The bearing possesses a low rotational resistance (< 20Nm) and electrical insulation between the inner and outer ring. Loads in excess of 1000kg are possible.

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